How To Start a Blog in 15 Minutes?

Step 1

Chose your domain name and claim it for FREE with a new hosting account!

Pick your favorite WordPress theme and create your website.

Step 2

Download a theme or search for theme name inside WordPress dashboard!

BlogFeedly Theme

Shamrock Theme

Modern THEME

Hueman Theme

Do it once do it right.

Step 3

Final launch steps! 

Create Blog With Demo Content

Once you install required theme and her plugins create demo content to get look and feel you want. Try to make design that matches your vision of the final website.

Create Proper Legal Pages

Make sure to have strong legal pages on your website before you launch your blog! The three legal pages you need are a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

Otptimize Blog & Edit Content

Now when you have demo website with legal pages ready – Edit and optimize your blog content for small volume long tail keywords and include rich pin ready pictures.

Stay active in your niche and enjoy the ride.


You have lunched your first blog!

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