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My name is Spiro Kovac, and I am going to show you how to start blogging. I have been building blogs and websites since 2007. In that time I have launched several of my own blogs, and helped hundreds of others do the same. I know that starting a blog might seem overwhelming and intimidating. This free guide is all about blogging for beginners, and will teach you how to start a blog and make money even if you are broke beginner. Before we go I have to admit something. When I was starting online I had some decent success till Google Panda and Penguin updates. Those hit me hard and it took me years to recover. So I have done ton of mistakes and that’s why I know you can benefit from everything that I learnt in decade of my experience so that you don’t repeat these same mistakes when you make your own blog. This free guide here is built so anyone can learn how to make a blog quickly and easily. And if you get stuck at any point, please send me a message and I will do my best to help you! Skip the rest of this introduction and start building your blog!