How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

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In this beginners friendly step by step clickbank training, I will be teaching you how to promote clickbank products without a website.

If you’ve been around and if you know me than you know I am fan of websites and that I believe everyone dealing with affiliate marketing should setup a simple blog or website.

Even you, right now are reading this affiliate marketing guide on my blog. It is really easy to start blog and it does not cost you that much so if you want to have a blog that will look exactly the same like this one you can find my step by step tutorial here.

So I am going to show you how to rank to the top of Google and how to earn your first affiliate commission with clickbank affiliate marketplace.

Keep in mind this method is absolutely free to start as we said earlier no website needed, no hosting expenses, no theme or plugins expenses and yet you will be able to rank on first page of Googles result pages using High Authority ranking sites. Furthermore it is vital that you follow my instructions, step by step in order for this method to work.

Table of Contents:

  1. Find a Product To Promote
  2. Find Suitable Keywords
  3. Research Competition on Google
  4. Start With Medium
  5. Publish on Medium

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website Video

how to promote clickbank products

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Find a Product To Promote

When searching for clickbank products to promote you want to make sure that the product itself works and that product sell well. That is why we recommending filtering clickbank products by gravity.

By sorting products by gravity you will find products that have already been proven to be successful on the clickbank marketplace.

Be sure to promote niches and products you are passionate about or at least something that you are interested in. In other words, make sure to do your due diligence before promoting any clickbank products to your audience, especially if you using email marketing.

I strongly recommend you to reach to the owner of the product before promoting and try to get hands on product (either free or pay for it), because if you know more about the product you are selling, it makes it much easier to understand your target audience.

sort clickbank products by gravity


Research Keyword Search Volume

To find a keywords worth ranking, I recommend to start with a free tool ubersuggest. Ubersuggest, is Neil Patel’s keyword research tool that allows you to research keywords that can be easily ranked for in Google.

In addition for this method I recommend focusing on keywords that have between 300 to 600 monthly searches.

However we also want to look at the SEO difficulty in ubersuggest, we want to stay under 30. If you can stay under 30 and find keywords above 300 monthly searches it becomes fairly easy to rank for that keyword on the first result page in Google.

clickbank keyword research


Verify Your Keyword Idea On Google

Now that we have found the keyword in ubersuggest we wanna move on to Google where we are going to verify your keyword idea by checking competition using few tricks on Google.

In this phase we want to verify keyword idea and we are going to do this by testing the three parameters; phrase competition, title competition and URL competition.

Ideally you would have several keyword ideas before doing next step but do not worry if you have only few.

To start with with verification enter your keyword in quotation into the Google search.

clickbank product keyword idea verification method

Your search should look like “keyword”

In the results pages we are looking for this number (check picture on the right) of how many websites are currently ranking for this phrase.

Next we are going to check title and URL competition

This time we will first search for intitle:keyword to get title ranking competition number and lastly and most importantly inurl:keyword

link competition researchtitle competition research

In general for this strategy I would recommend target keyword to have fewer 0.5 million results phrase competition, less then 1.5 million results in title competition and up to 0.25 million results in URL competition.

Furthermore, I also recommend you to check top 10 or even top 20 on search engine result pages and see if these posts are high quality articles and can you provide more and better information and eventually outrank the competition for the keyword.

This is also a reason why earlier I mentioned that ideally you would have few keywords so you can chose the best one to rank for.

If none of your keywords meet this criteria or if competition articles are really decent it’s very unlikely that you’re going to rank high enough to get good amount of sales.

In that case I would recommend you to create a blog and build some authority by first ranking for information intent long tail “how to” keyword phrases and then using a SEO Silo strategy drive visitors to transaction buyer intent pages.


Start With Medium

As I mentioned at the beginning, we will be leveraging a high authority website called Medium. Medium has a ton of authority according to google, meaning that anything published on medium can be ranked FAST!

Why does that matter to us?

To clarify, if you were to start your own niche blog, it can take months sometimes even years to start ranking your articles. You can speed it up if you’re really focused and keen to pull out 90 day content marketing challenge – introduced by Miles Beckler.

There are some advantages and disadvantages, but if you want some quick rankings and sales it’s easier to leverage a high authority site like medium where you can easily rank your blogs within days of publishing.

Is Medium Free to use?

Yes! Medium is absolutely free to use and you can sign up and start your medium blog within minutes.

Should I start a blog eventually or just use medium forever?

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website is the main focus of this article, so I want to stick high authority medium recommendation. However, if you are in this for the long term, I would definitely suggest starting your own blog.

medium vs wordpress


Publish Your Article on Medium

In the final step we will first register for a free medium account. You can register by going here.

Furthermore, once you have created a new account, click on the “New Story” tab and start by creating your first blog article.

Here are some guidelines for your clickbank article:

  • The clickbank blog article should be 1200 or more words but it’s different from keyword to keyword and what I usually do is I write a little bit longer blog artilce than the average of the top 5 from google search results page for that search term.
  • Naturally sprinkle your exact focus keyword throughout your blog post. For instance, this article is focusing on the keyword: “How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.” so you can notice that I use exact focus phrase along with some LSI (conceptually related terms), keywords throughout the article. This helps google figure out how to rank your article.
  • Add call to action banners and buttons throughout your blog article and make sure they are linking them back to clickbank offer with your affiliate link. I recommend adding them several times in the beginning, middle and end.

how to publish on medium example

Once you are done writing your blog article, you should add some product photos or at least find some royalty free photos, also If possible add video in order to improve your user experience.

This clickbank method is ideal for beginners that do not have any money to invest and on the other side have some free time to research offers on clickbank.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions about “How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website” (see what i did there?)

I wish you many successes in your online clickbank journey and if you wanna learn more check my YouTube clickbank tutorials

publish on medium for beginners

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