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In this beginners friendly landing page tutorial, I will be teaching you how to design simple landing page using WordPress and Divi theme.

This means that in order to build landing page using tutorial you will need to have domain, hosting and a copy of the Divi theme.

Divi theme is currently number one most popular WordPress theme in the world – if you doubt this website is also built in Divi.

If you don’t have your domain and hosting as of yet use this link and get 70% discount with siteground.

Affiliate marketing in 2020 without landing page is almost impossible to do. Firstly you can not use paid traffic for your clickbank affiliate offers, second even free traffic doesn’t convert well without a warm up!

Tools you need to follow:

  1. Siteground – domain registar and web hosting
  2. WordPress – is open source websites builder
  3. Divi Theme – simple drag & drop page builder that we use to create landing page and integrate your affiliate products with it

Table of Contents:

  1. Get Domain & Hosting
  2. Download Divi Theme
  3. Build Landing Page with Divi
  4. Optimize Landing Page For All Devices

Create A Landing Page In 30 Minutes


Landing Page Building

Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard and once you’re inside your dashboard hover over Pages and click on Add New.

divi builder landing page

Now enter name for your landing page, Clickbank Lander 1 Demo, and before getting into page builder itself update template settings to Blank page. To start with page building click on use divi builder.

Once inside the builder click on build from scratch and then insert one column row and text module. Before adding content into page let’s first add all the custom css styles.

To do so, first go to wireframe view and first add new regular section, single column row and module Code. Next copy paste code below and before leaving update admin label to CUSTOM CSS. 

section-settingsNow before anything else if you wanna get same looking landing page first click on gear icon in blue and enter section settings and add your background.

Since my background icon is tiny I’m gonna update background image size to actual size and background image repeat to repeat. Before saving and leaving make sure to update admin label to name landing page and than save.

Next we want to update our row settings – here we only have to add white background and then save.

Continue by editing bottom section which we will use as a footer, so again start editing by clicking on gear icon in blue section.

First select background to color #0a0a0a, and then under design and spacing update top and bottom padding settings to 0px.

Since we using this section as a footer update admin label to footer area.

Now is time to edit landing page modules, so let’s start by editing text module first. Here are the updates. 

Add/Edit Text Module 

  1. In the content area add your h1 heading
  2. Edit heading font to Raleway, bold and center aligned

Add/Edit Video Module

  1. Add link to vimeo or youtube file
  2. Add overlay image for your video

Add/Edit Button Module

  1. First update button text to GET ACCESS NOW
  2. Under alignment center align
  3. In button settings use custom styles and update buton text size to 34px, button color to white, button background to color #259e01, button border radius to 0px, select your button icon, set padding top and bottom to 10px and left – right to 25px and add CSS classes sk_button_elevate and get-access-now

Add/Edit Text Module

  1. Add content into text area
  2. Update font to Raleway
  3. Update text color to #333 and center align text

By adding these you’re done with your landing page section, next is to edit bottom fotter area.

Add/Edit Text Module to footer area, single column row and paste footer content from box below.

Keep Editing Text Module In footer area by updating text font to Raleway, text weight to light, text color to white, text size 12px and text alignment to center.

Save changes, congratulations this is a small victory! Your landing page is designed, now is time to move to the next step!



Email Marketing Setup

No time to rest yet we have to connect our landing page to Aweber. Aweber is best email marketing software available on the market as of times I’m writing this article.

If you already use different email software you can stay with it but I strongly recommend you to check Aweber, also if you use my Aweber link here, you will get 30 days FREE trial.


Bloom Popup Setup & Redirection


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