5 Simple Steps To Start A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

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There is about the time to reveal all the dark under the skin of make money online and affiliate marketing industry online. Affiliate marketing is very lucrative way of making money online but it’s a shame what’s happening in it right now in 2020. While researching for this article I found out that just over few thousands of people a month are searching on how to chose the right niche. This is dangerous, because there are tens if not hundreds of fake guru predators praying for you trying to sell you their $499 course that will get you reach promoting their own product!So I wanted to bring light on this problem and wanted to educate people on how to properly start an online business through affiliate marketing.  

5 Step Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

Table of Contents:

  1. Find a niche that makes you happy and could make you rich
  2. Create your home and build authority
  3. Design content creation strategy
  4. Find best converting offers and test them before promoting
  5. Design perfect product for your audience
Okay let me reveal you the biggest secret to success online! “What is the one thing you need to do over and over to be successful online?” The answer is super simple… You must truly HELP PEOPLE! Help people identify their problems, help them solve their biggest problems… Help people overcome their deepest fears that keep them awake at night… Help people achieve their goals.

Finding Your Niche

Finding perfect niche for you is at this stage the most important for your online success. I can not emphasis enough how important is to do this step right! So let me show best niches to start in 2020 and following years. When choosing a niche you have to find something that you are super passionate about, something you are constantly thinking about or something you are really interesting in. Here are the best niche opportunities that I believe might be best to get into now and in following years. Health | Wealth | Relationships | Software | Electronics | Hobbies If you think it’s competitive it most probably means there is great opportunity, so for example if you’re a bold guy, you might wanna learn how to date as a bold. You have to be creative in this step, if you’re a bold and obese guy, you can start weight loss journey and use that you’re bold in order to super target bold and fat people… My favorite niche is wealth and software because it’s the easiest way to create what fake guru’s call “PASSIVE INCOME” better to say residual income because you work now to earn money later down the road… If you not sure what you passionate about and what you would be good in, check this post: Choosing A Niche That Makes You Happy And Rich

Build Authority Website

authority website This should be a starting and ending point of your online business. This is where the most scam is happening in the make money online niche. Everyone is promoting programs like Clickfunnels, Builderall and other landing page, sales funnel programs in which they teach you only how to promote their own product and earn commission of signing up new members. To be clear Clickfunnels is a great company that solves big problem but it’s not the place to start an online business, it’s the final step of the journey! So if you just starting and you don’t know how and where to start, check this step by step tutorial for beginners on how to create an authority website online for FREE (almost for free). If you need or want sales funnel and want to save $300 on Clickfunnels subscription I’ve made free tutorial on how to create a DIY sales funnel so check it out.

Content creation strategy

Third step is maybe the most difficult one, that’s the only one that actually needs you to use brain and will be the most challenging one on the journey.

So here is important that you decide your main FREE traffic source.

First let me explain you difference between social media and search engines.

Firstly Google, YouTube and Pinterest are the best search engines out there. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok are social media sites.

It’s extremely important that you chose one of 3 search engines to be your primary traffic source.

I recommend you to go with YouTube as a primary traffic source, than genuinely write about your video in the website article and finally create additional graphic for pinterest marketing.

Social media sites are great for building initial traffic but as you should already know your content is active (getting views) just couple of hours in best scenario days and once it fades down the feeds it’s never seen again.

This is why social media should be treated as secondary traffic method.

There is also a paid traffic method through all of the social media and search engine platforms, but a the beginners stage you should not be bothered with it.


Find offers that convert and test on yourself

Testing affiliate offers and products before promoting on your own website is literary must do.

By creating videos, articles, photos and more you’re building yourself and your website as an authority in the niche. People will start to recognize and resonate with you and it’s important that you don’t fall in trap of fast money making by promoting questionable product or service to your audience. Don’t waste all your hard work for little money… affiliate marketing is a marathon not a 100 meters sprint race.

Most famous affiliate marketplaces are Clickbank, JV Zoo and few others.


Create a product that resonate with your audience

Final step in your affiliate journey should be best serving your audience! Now answer me who knows your audience the best? Right answer is clear… So ask them, what they need, indentify their biggest fears, reason why they wake up in the middle of the night. Find out what are their biggest challenges and take that feedback to create perfect product for your audience. This is where the fun time starts, this is the best part of the online journey! Congratulations you’ve just become nice authority!


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